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Gravel & Grind Coffee ★★★★

Gravel & Grind is a bike and coffee shop located in historic downtown Frederick, MD. This bike/coffee shop is vastly different from the usual cafes I frequent.

I was meeting with a fellow blogger who had flown in from Michigan to spend time with family and this was the place she chose for us to meet. It wasn’t a cafe I would have chosen and I was hesitant. I even considered asking her to find a different shop. Little did I know that this bike/coffee shop served up coffee in a big way and I was in for quite a surprise! I am so glad that I didn’t change the location!

Walking through the door, the cafe is small. Unfinished floors and shelves stocked with camping supplies, bikes ready to rent.  I stepped to the counter quite skeptical actually. Could this bike shop really serve up quality coffee that I, a coffee snob would enjoy?

After ordering my usual, I walked around the small space looking for a place to sit. I spotted a bar area, as well as a little back room. This room continued the feel of the outdoors with a unique feature I have yet to see anywhere.  This nook offered more seating and featured a lighted tent canopy covering the ceiling.

We chatted and my cappuccino was good, real good. It was so well made that I went back for a pour over and a cortado! This place serves AMAZING coffee drinks! The coffee is fresh and the baristas know what they were doing. You will not find brewed coffee to go here. Nope. Each drink is handcrafted to order and takes at least three to four minutes to make. The baristas I met were friendly too! You can feel the pride in each drink that is handcrafted with care.

To my surprise this bike shop/coffee shop is fantastic! Although the decor and feel of the place isn’t my personal taste, I would stop by anytime for coffee to go!


UPDATE – Sadly, this coffee shop has now closed. Make sure to support YOUR local coffee shop to ensure this doesn’t happen to them.

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  1. I like coffeehouses that are not afraid of being different and this place is not too far from me. I must check it out. Thanks for the intel on this place.

  2. So tickled to read your review! You hid your reticence well. 🙂 They did serve good coffee for us snobs, though. We both ordered TWO different coffees!

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