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Gregory’s Coffee ★★★★★

Hubby had work in New York and I was happy to tag along! Still working off my list, I had looked up several coffee shops that had made the cut, this one did not make the list and I don’t know why, because it sure made my top 3 list!

The cafe was spacious and hip. I loved the vibe when you walked in and the logo was the most creative I’ve seen!

“See coffee differently”….. The creative thing is, when you look at the guys glasses, they are actually two coffee cups that come together to make a pair of glasses!

The coffee is fantastic, the baristas and manager not only friendly and helpful,  but they KNEW their coffee as I bombarded them with a million questions.

I left the cafe in love……I follow them on Instagram and the bagged coffee I took home was amazing too. Now, I have to go back to NYC…..lol.


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  1. I really like the interior of this shop and the logo is seriously genius! Would love to taste Gregory’s! Is it available online?

  2. Update! I just hit their website! Gregoryscoffee.com is very user friendly and that cool logo is available on T’s, mugs, hats and canteens!!! Yeah! 😀

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