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Ground Central Coffee ★★★★★

I love Instagram. It offers a way for me to locate my next great coffee shop and to view unique coffee pictures from around the world. This is exactly how I discovered  Ground Central Coffee. Their sharp and creative black logo had caught my eye from the start. I quickly turned from follower into a fan of Ground Central Coffee, waiting for each new post, trying to get a glimpse of something I hadn’t seen before.

My sister and I both love New York City and try to take an annual shopping trip there. This was my chance! My dream of visiting Ground Central Coffee was about to become reality!

CT at Ground Central

As we walked through the door, the shop was small, but ran deep. Past the counter were steps leading back to a small library filled with rich leather chairs and couches surrounded by bookcases filled with books. It was just as I had seen in the pictures and it felt surreal that I was actually here! The place was busy, yet I found a cozy bar height table to sit at with my sister to enjoy our drinks.

When visiting a new coffee shop, choosing what I want to purchase is always difficult. Which bag of coffee beans, what drink, merchandise? So many choices that it takes me a while to decide, although I usually end up ordering my usual, a skinny cappuccino.

After placing my order, I went to purchase one of their branded Ground Central coffee mugs. I was so excited to be able to put my hands on one of these iconic mugs seen in many of their Instagram shots. The barista returned with the disappointing news that they were sold out of this mug. She kindly offered to sell me mug right from the cafe! To me, this increased the value of the mug because of the seasoned look.  Maybe, just maybe, this was one feature in their Instagram photos! I felt special and honored.

While enjoying the delicious cappuccino and chatting with my sister, I noticed they sold La Columbe Coffee – no wonder I liked this place! ( See my blog about my love for La Colombe Coffee.) My Love Affair with La Colombe

This is a five star cafe in my book because it rates high on all the things I look for. Ground Central Coffee offers high quality coffee drinks, friendly baristas and unique decor I have not seen elsewhere. What makes this place stand out from the rest? You just have to go see it for yourself, a coffee shop with a rich, hip feel and you will love it!


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  1. I live right outside of NYC finallyna blog post about a local joint! I need to visit! I work in the city sometimes too!

  2. I can imagine myself there! I personally may never get to visit Ground Central, but I can still find out about their coffee and visit their cafe along with you in my mind. That’s what I love about the CT’s blog!!! 🙂

  3. This place looks so cool. My hubby and I love visiting NYC as well and finding new places to explore. I will have to check this place out the next time we visit.

  4. This sounds like such a cool place – I love neat downtown coffee shops! Also, we have the same WordPress theme ☺️

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