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Grounds Central Station ★★★

A small cafe in Mannassas, Virginia located on a side street,  I walked into the place, curious.

A large extensive coffee menu was offered along with ice cream. Unique drinks like “Love Potion #9” and “Hazelnut Brittle” were on the menu along with soy and almond milk options. The roaster? A local company called Monument Coffee Roasters. I had not yet heard of this roaster before, so I grabbed a bag of beans to enjoy at home.

I ordered my usual skinny cappuccino and chatted with the friendly owner while I waited –  my drink was delicious.

As I looked around, the place lacked a specific ambience, more vintage in style, white walls and I noticed a white piano in the corner. It seemed odd and out of place so I asked the owner for the story behind it. I will leave the story with him for now and you can ask about it when you visit.


Stop by for some coffee and have a scoop of ice cream too!


Grounds Central Station

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