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Hawthorn Coffee

I drink A LOT of coffee. Experiencing coffee from all over the United States is fun! Discovering what unique flavors roasters can extract from a coffee bean. It’s sometimes hard to buy a bag of coffee from the same roaster because I have more fun trying new coffee, lol. It is the adventure of it that appeals to me.

I can’t quite remember how I came across Cat and Cloud Coffee, but my fist sip was mind blowing! The burst of blueberries hit my pallet like no other coffee had ever done, I was hooked!

Fast forward to my coffee crawl in San Diego, CA., February of last year. I was with my gal pal and fellow cold brew coffee blogger, Rachel (Find her blog here) and we were chatting about Cat and Cloud Coffee. She then told me that a coffee shop in the North Park area of San Diego served it. Within minutes we were driving to a place called Hawthorn Coffee. 

When visiting a new shop, I am often unsure what the coffee will be like. In this case, I KNEW I would experience specialty coffee at its best! I was not disappointed.

The place was trendy looking and had a cool storefront vibe. The barista was very friendly, chatty and crafted one delicious cappuccino for me. The menu had a few unique drinks and my biggest regret was that I didn’t have more time to to try these fun drinks. 

I have said it many time before, but it bears repeating – San Diego is an amazing place for the coffee lover and enthusiast! It is worth a trip, just for the coffee alone.

I hope this has inspired you to travel, live life with adventure. Drive out of your way to local coffee and walk past the coffee in the grocery store. Try new roasters, you will deserve better coffee!



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