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Hebrews Coffee Company ★★★★

I love a good festival! Food trucks, hand made goods and music. The downside is that usually the only coffee you will find is on a food truck and I don’t even want to think about what the coffee is or how it is made. Yuck!

Bedford is a quaint town located in southern Pennsylvania. My sister and I decided to spend a beautiful fall day taking in the local festival there and to my surprise, there was a local coffee shop! HeBrews Coffee Company  I have to say that this made the festival so much more enjoyable, lol. I was able to walk around, enjoy the sites and have great local coffee.

Hebrews Coffee Company is a family owned and operated coffee shop. The cafe is in a brick corner building, pretty spacious inside with many places to sit. They serve Crimson Cup Coffee out of Columbus, Ohio. All the baristas were friendly and my cappuccino was delicious! Due to the festival, the place was packed, but that didn’t affect the quality of the drinks or the staffs friendliness. I enjoyed a nice chat with my sister and my cappuccino. I really wanted to grab a second cup to go, but the line was just a little to long.

There was a wide menu, a cozy reading corner and fun coffee merchandise too. I picked up a hoodie that said, “Coffee is Always a Good Idea!”  – I couldn’t agree more! The place had a homey feel to it, a place where you could relax and hang with friends. Books and a reading corner too! If you are interested, the sweatshirt is available to purchase online. 

HeBrews Coffee Company is a wonderful addition and asset to the community of Bedford, Pennsylvania. Check them out in person and plan to stay, relax and sip some great coffee!



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  1. Clever name! Sounds like a place I would like to stop in. One of these days I’m going to make it to the northeast.

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