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Hopscotch Coffee & Records ★★★★★

Hopscotch Coffee all began when three guys bought an old abandoned building and saw a vision of what it could be.  The building had sat empty for years and now is a thriving coffee shop and record store.

The roaster, was once a part owner. He has now branched out and started his own roasting company, Lone Oak Coffee Roasters. Lone Oak’s owner, Sam, has won many awards from his roasting expertise to coffee brewing and his coffee can be purchased at many surrounding coffee shops in the area. Lone Oak Coffee Roasters is no longer located at Hopscotch but he still provides the coffee for them.

That is part to what makes Hopscotch coffee so outstanding, is the pure freshness of the coffee.

Hopscotch Coffee & Records is my go to local coffee shop. The location is convenient for me and parking is never a problem. The hours are good, although I wish they were open a bit later than 6pm. My drinks are always well made, no matter what I order! All this keeps me coming back and quite often.

Upon entering the cafe, you find a very small order area. To the right is a door that leads down the steps into a huge open space with plenty of seating, high ceilings and the record collection/store.  To the left is a room decorated in vintage style. It is very unique layout, but then again that lends itself to the history of the building.

I visit this coffee shop quite often.  Although I order my usual most off the time, (a cappuccino) the coffee is so fresh, you will see me ordering a pour over coffee too and on warmer days and iced coffee. You can also find locally made baked goods here. I can’t say enough good things about Hopscotch Coffee – it just embodies everything you want out of a local coffee shop!

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