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Industrial Grind Coffee ★★★

The plane could not land soon enough at the San Diego airport. News had reached me that San Diego was an up and coming coffee spot and I was anxious to see for myself.

Once I hit the road, I used Yelp to guide me and Industrial Grind Coffee was my very first stop on this journey.


Mostly an outdoor cafe, I found this place intriguing and a great place to not only enjoy some great coffee, but to soak up the San Diego sun and breeze too.

I ordered a black coffee in the Callie Blend and it was delicious, full-bodied and I enjoyed the finish. I purchased a bag to enjoy at home and walked around this unique spot. Toward the back was an enclosed space with a fabric ceiling, but still let through the sun and breeze.

A great first stop on my San Diego coffee experience!



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