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James Coffee Company ★ ★ ★

James Coffee Company was a name unfamiliar to me until I arrived on the west coast of California. I reached out to the San Diego Coffee Network to ask for recommendations of outstanding coffee shops and James Coffee Company was one of them.

Located in the Little Italy area of San Diego, I stepped out of my car and was immediately fascinated by this large white building which was formerly an airplane hanger.


Once inside, there were little shops to either side of you and my cafe destination was at the back of this unusual building. The vibe here is total hipster and although it is pretty cool, I somehow felt a bit out of place. I spent a few minutes taking it all in before stepping to the counter to place my order.
The temps were fairly warm that day, so I decided on something different and went for an iced coffee with cream!  I also bought a bag of their highly recommended Night Owl roast. The coffee was yummy and the next week when I brewed their Night Owl at home, the taste was excellent.


For whatever reasons the cafe staff  was disappointingly unreceptive. However, the James Coffee Company itself has a unique beginning in that the owner is a former popular rock  guitarist who began roasting his coffee beans on a 1970’s popcorn machine that he purchased on  Ebay!

Overall, I found this cafe  very interesting and I particularly like their owl emblem. The coffee is good and I would like to visit again, wearing  cooler duds though! Lol.




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