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Jirani Coffeehouse ★★★★

I walked across the tracks anxious to see what awaited me inside. You walk in to a very large, well decorated space and you feel the coffee, warmth and friendliness immediately. Unique art covers the walls, along with a fireplace surrounded by large armchairs for chats with friends over a great cup of joe.


The word “Jirani” means “neighbor” and this coffee shop has embodied that word completely. Not only do they have large open space, but towards the back you will also find a library space and large wrap around booths that are more secluded for work or private conversations. Can I just tell you that I fell in love with this place and I haven’t even addressed the coffee!

I walked to the counter and my mouth dropped – there it was………a drink I love more than a cappuccino. I had not seen this drink listed on any menu board since leaving Starbucks, an Espresso Con Panna! I was SUPER excited to enjoy this little cup of goodness once again!! A drink only appreciated by a hard core coffee drinker, it packs a delightful punch and I have missed it immensely! So my beverage choice was not a difficult one at all, the drink was amazing and served by very friendly baristas.


The coffee the roaster?  One Village Coffee, a passionate coffee company that delivers on both quality and standards.

I stayed long enough to enjoy my drink and some friendly faces. This cafe is worth the short walk you will need to make to reach the cafe since there is not parking immediately around the building itself.  A superb coffeeshop – you should stop by, you will not be disappointed. Jirani Coffeehouse


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