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Jubala Coffee ★★★★

Jubala Coffee is located in North Carolina and offers the residents of Raleigh two fantastic locations. The owner, Andrew, is a Raleigh native and passionate about the local community. After visiting the first Jubala location in North Raleigh, I was so impressed, I made sure to visit the Hillsborough location before heading home.

The cafes are bright with accents of white and yellow and I think that is what really caught my eye. Most cafes are darker in their decor and Jubala Coffee is so bright and cheery, your spirits feel lifted even before you begin sipping the coffee.

At the first location I ordered my usual, (skinny cappuccino) – so good! Counter Culture is their roaster and I am a huge fan of them, so little surprise the coffee tasted so good and fresh. I appreciated the fact that a wide assortment of coffee brewing equipment was available for purchase. So even if you walk in a coffee novice, you can leave a future coffee enthusiast.

Visiting their second location I ordered the iced latte with an almond syrup that was made in house – OH MY! I really wanted a second one, but resisted the urge since I am primarily sugar free.

Jubala Coffee offers a pour over bar only, meaning no coffee is prepared in advance. When ordering a cup of coffee, it will be made fresh to order. I love it when a coffee shop offers this, it shows a respect for the coffee and a higher level of understanding the art of coffee. Nothing is worse than coffee made hours before coming in the door and has been sitting in a carafe – yuck!

I loved my time at both locations. Amazing coffee, bright and cheery cafes and it is apparent that Jubala is committed to providing handcrafted coffee, one cup at a time. I will be returning soon if only to lift my spirits!






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    1. That is a good question and one that I will be answering soon on an upcoming blog! Keep reading and share! 🙂

  1. This sounds like a lovely place. Almond in coffee sounds even more delicious. This makes me want to go to the coffee shop..road trip..

  2. Their almond lattes are incredible! I tend to get the flat white when I visit, but occasionally I can hear the almond latte calling my name. 🙂

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