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Kaffeine Coffee Co. ★★★★

Indianapolis was a new city for me to check out and Kaffeine Coffee was stop number one. Their goal is –

“To bring Third wave coffee to the Indianapolis area and prepare coffee at the next level. From the high quality beans to the dozens of special brewing processes that our customers may have never experienced.” – Kaffeine Coffee Website

The place was HUGE inside and packed with SO many interesting things!  I ordered my iced americana and chatted with the friendly barista. I learned that many of the unique items in the cafe were all repurposed from another place, with a story behind each one. I won’t spoil it for you by sharing those stories here, you need to go see it for yourself!

This one thing made the coffee shop really stand out in my mind! I walked around mesmerized, I almost forgot about the coffee, lol.

My coffee was fantastic and the coolness factor of this coffee shop is off the charts! I ordered a cold brew, which had great flavor, added a bit of cream & looked around in fascination. The barista was super nice and told me the stories behind each piece, from the lighting fixtures to the trash can in the corner. What stood out to me was his pride of the shop. He proudly represented where he worked and it was more than a job for him. He was part of the coffee community and it spoke volumes.

Kaffeine Coffee features  a “World of Coffee” menu and prides themselves on preparing drinks based on their country origin, while educating their customers on the coffee drinks and history.

Such a cool, hip coffee shop – I can’t wait to return and soon. I am envious of those residents of Indianapolis to have such a treasure in a local coffee shop. If you haven’t been there yet, you must go check it out!


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