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Kaldi’s Coffee ★★★★

Kaldi’s Coffee is primarily a Missouri based coffee chain.  While visiting Kansas City, the hubby and I were looking for coffee and Kaldi’s was within walking distance, so we decided to give it a try.

The cafe was modern and bright, with plenty of seating and a welcoming environment. This coffee shop actually surpassed my expectations as a coffee snob. The barista had a cheery disposition and my drink was made with passion, it was delicious! We didn’t have time to sit and enjoy our coffee, but I would definitely return if I came across another location.

Often, chain coffee shops such as Kaldi’s or Peet’s, lack in the artistry of specialty coffee and use recipe cards to make cookie cutter coffee drinks repeatedly. Kaldi’s felt like a chain, but catered to coffee enthusiast like myself, offered pour overs, Chemex and Kalita systems for purchase.

Interestingly enough, a goat is their logo which puzzled me. What does a goat have anything to do with coffee?? After a visit to the company’s website I found this interesting story.

In 6th century Ethiopia, a goat herder named Kaldi stumbled upon his wandering flock as they sampled berries from nearby bushes. Ordinarily sluggish, his goats had an unusual amount of energy. After tasting several seeds himself, Kaldi discovered that the berries were the cause for the increased energy. It wasn’t long before coffee beans and their stimulating effect traveled far and wide.

TIP – When you are trying a new coffee shop for the first time, order something new and different. Ask the barista for a recommendation. Often the barista will consider what you usually order and then recommend something new, but similar. If you are in St. Louis, the Kaldi’s roasting facility offers a free weekly cupping at their roasting facility every Friday at 2p. ( 3983 Gratiot St., St. Louis, MO. 63110)

A coffee cupping is very similar to a wine tasting in that you will try a variety of coffees in a short amount of time.

I enjoyed my experience at Kaldi’s Coffee and will likely to return again.

– CT



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  1. I love coffee, but I’m no where near a “coffee som” (the way you can describe a cup of coffee reminds me of a sommelier). I get a little intimidated sometimes when I order from a real coffee bar because I usually like just a black cup of coffee. Do you have any guides to coffee terminology? Great post by the way! I’m in houston so let me know if you ever do a review on any of our coffee bars!

    1. Have you ever tried a pour over? Its one of my favorites methods and you can try different roasts the coffee bar is featuring. I have ben to Dallas… does Houston have good shops?

  2. I love coffee as well! There are times I wish I didn’t live in the country and lived in a city, so I could take a nice walk to a coffee shop. 🙂

  3. Hey this is a great read. Thank you for the explanation of cupping. You must of known I was gonna ask. Enjoy so much learning about coffee.

  4. I think your blog is sooo cute! The idea is so great. If you’re ever in Raleigh and want to meet let me know. We have some great places around here!

    1. I was JUST in Raleigh last week! Too bad. I hope you will subscribe and follow me on IG and FB! Then you can see where I am headed next!

    1. I was JUST in Raleigh last week! Too bad. I hope you will subscribe and follow me on IG and FB! Then you can see where I am headed next!

    1. My pleasure and I hope you can find one in your area – they are really fun!I hope you will continue to follow my adventures!

  5. Love the tip about asking the barista’s recommendations on something similar to what you usually order! I should do this next time I’m at a coffee shop. I need to try some new drinks! 🙂

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