Kansas City Coffee Excursion 

I leave for Kansas City in just three days and I am excited! Not just about visiting some amazing coffee shops, but to feel the Kansas City coffee scene vibes.

I’ve visited major cities such as San Diego, New York, Dallas, Washington D.C., Seattle and Philadelphia and each city has its own feel. From the comradery between shops, to the specific sense of the city that is exemplified in each cafe.

US Map of my Travels
US Map of my Travels

As I travel this week to America’s heartland, I’m anxious to see first hand what Kansas City has to offer.

If you have spent anytime reading my blogs, you have noticed that each one is short and full of photos. My intent is to  give you a snapshot of each location,  never revealing too much so that you will be encouraged to go visit for yourself.

I may not give you an in-depth blog about coffee notes or profiles, but I hope that each blog inspires you to step out of the big name coffee shops, wherever you live and support your local cafes because they are treasures!

-Crystal, The Cappuccino Traveler

Crystal & Travel Mug
Crystal & Travel Mug

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