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Kettle Coffee & Tea

I had been in San Diego less than four hours and was already eager to hit up my second coffee shop. Located in the charming downtown area of Escondido, California, Kettle Coffee & Tea had come with a good recommendation and I was anxious to check it out for myself.

First, let me say that I loved the look, decor and vibe of the place. The exposed brick served as a prefect landscape to infamous coffee prints and the stone fireplace in the corner oozed of history. They offered great merchandise, bottled cold brew, Klatch Coffee and a great selection of t-shirts, which I could not resist picking up one for myself.  Sadly before I could enjoy it all, a strong offensive odor in the building overwhelmed me that I could not escape!

The friendly young lady, took my drink order, (skinny cappuccino) and answered my numerous questions with a smile. Kettle has lots of seating and is a rather large cafe, so I took a temporary seat and waited.

The guy behind the counter called, “skinny cappuccino!”.  I stepped to the bar to pick it up and it was beautiful, you could tell he was proud. As soon as I lifted the cup though, I knew it was too heavy to be a cappuccino. I opted to keep it and the drink was good, but of course I was disappointed that my drink order was made incorrectly.

Kettle Coffee

Unfortunately, the odor in the place did not dissipate and as I looked up at the ceiling , I saw that it was caked in layers of dust. Between that, the odor and the fact that my drink was wrong, I was disappointed with my experience here.

Since leaving San Diego, I know that this coffee shop has earned awards. Things could be different now and quite frankly, I hope they are.


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