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Koffee Therapy ★

It was a beautiful afternoon in Baltimore, MD. My husband and I try to have monthly date days and today was one of those days.  On such occasions you will usually find us enjoying our ‘date day’ with two activities, trying new coffee shops and geocaching. Introduced to us by my dad, geocaching is a virtual treasure hunt. We enjoy it and exploring new coffee shops after a bit of geocaching hits the spot for us both!

This particular date day, we found ourselves in Baltimore, MD. and after some geocaching, we spied a new local coffee shop on a side street in Baltimore, Koffee Therapy  As we approached we saw it was an old house converted to a coffee shop. It looked super interesting and I could hardly wait to explore this new shop I had discovered.

CT at Koffee Therapy

We walked up the steps into a room with wood floors complementing an eclectic mix match of furniture and muted orange walls covered in art pieces for purchase. My eyes bounced around as I tried to find the counter and after walking past a spiral staircase that led downstairs, I located it and realized it was in the kitchen part of the converted house.

There really isn’t too much to say when it comes to the coffee. When I ordered their coffee of the day, I was directed to a table behind me with a coffee carafe, two things of creamer, assorted sugars and most surprising of all, a little black bowl that was for disposing of your trash. I was quite frankly taken aback. I had never seen such a set up. The coffee wasn’t wretched, but was clearly not fresh and lacked any flavor profile. My hubby ordered a caramel cappuccino and it was okay.

Trash & creamer station

The owner boasted of the patio outback, so we took our drinks and decided to check it out. Through double pane glass doors and down some steps we came upon this precious little hideaway. It featured rod iron tables on cobblestone floor. This quaint area was the highlight – it was the perfect tranquil spot in Baltimore to enjoy time with my husband even if the coffee was not very good.

Will I return? Probably not. It’s really sad because I feel this place has such great potential if they could muster a little more passion for fresh coffee, some cleaning and a relocation of the trash recepticle -lol.



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