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Small town coffee shops have a special place in my heart. Often times, the owners are coffee lovers with a passion to serve their local community great coffee.

Not too long ago, I lived in a small town, called Inwood, W.V. Located in the Eastern Panhandle of the state and just a hour and half from Washington D.C., this small town was my home of five years. I actually lived there as a child too, from an infant to age 9 before my parents moved to a different part of the state. Inwood, W.V. holds many memories for me and over the years, I have seen coffee shops come and go. 

Komodo Coffee opened weeks before I re-located to Florida. The day I went to review the shop, I had one thing on my mind, WHY the name Komodo Coffee??

I was greeted by a friendly guy and noticed a small coffee menu to my right. I appreciated that it was not a huge menu, but had all the favorites. At the time of my visit, award winning, Lone Oak Coffee is served at this shop. I am very familiar with Lone Oak Coffee and the high quality of the bean, so I was excited!

I ordered a cappuccino and as I waited took in the eclectic decor. There was local artist paintings for sale on the wall and a few other items. I love that this cafe has comfy seating along with tables and chairs. The coffee shop is small, but very easy to run in and out of with a parking close by. 

My cappuccino was very good and I decided to take a seat on the comfy couch and just enjoy my drink. Before leaving, I decided to order a cold brew to take with me. It was good, just a bit weak for my taste. 

I had the privilege to sit down with one of the owners. Brittany is the wife and part owner with her husband, John. Allen, John’s brother is also a  partner with them. The brothers started roasting small batches of coffee at home years ago and after lots of blood sweat and tears, changes in plans…….Komodo Coffee opened two years later. 

Their goal is to be consistent with a small coffee menu before expanding, but would love to open a few other locations. 

So what about the name?? John asked his brother Allen what his favorite animal was…..his answer? The Komodo dragon. And that is the story behind the name.

Stop by Komodo Coffee and often! It is worth it to drive out of our way to support the neighbors of our community. This is a great little shop and I will make sure to stop by when I am in town again. 


Shop Update – Since writing this, they are no longer serving Lone Oak Coffee. I am unaware of the roaster/coffee they are serving.

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