La Colombe DC

La Colombe Coffee

The GPS sent us down several different streets. Trying to find this cafe and a place to park within walking distance when you have never been to the place, was not an easy task. We parked. We walked and walked. “Where is it?” I asked my husband. We walked down a few alleys, passing a wedding shoot along the way.


Finally, there it was. The cafe faced an alley and the painted brick was clear, La Colombe. The moment I had anticipated for almost two weeks since hearing the name, Todd Carmichael, the creator and the man behind the “on tap latte” had finally arrived.

A classic looking cafe, friendly baristas, but my complete focus was to lay eyes on the “contraption”. I walked past ordering customers, everything was a blur. There it was. Bright and shiny in the afternoon sun, the thing I had heard and read so much about, the “on tap latte”.


I was a bit skeptical, being a skinny, dry cappuccino girl personally, was afraid the milk would overwhelm the layers of the flavor of the espresso. The barista working the tap, must have seen the amazement and gleam in my coffee loving eyes and asked if I would like a sample. “YES!” I replied excitedly, “I traveled two hours, just for this!”


Seconds later, as the smoothness of this latte hit my lips, my taste buds rejoiced also tasting the depth and quality of the espresso along with the smoothness and perfect cold temp of the latte. Perfectly creamy with a tad of froth. AMAZING, this drink took my breath away.


Trying to regain myself, my hubby and I then ordered a full size one along with some La Colombe beans and went outside to enjoy this amazing drink. It was gone too quickly and I find myself actually craving the taste of the drink.


Do yourself a favor, make a trip to see and taste it for yourself. Know that it may be a little tricky to find and seating, the cafe was full when I was there, seating limited. So worth the round trip of four hours I spent to experience this.


Thank you, Todd Carmichael for your brilliance! I look forward to more great thing from you from a coffee snob such as myself.

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