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La Colombe Coffee Fishtown ★★★★★

The first visit was exhilarating. I HAD to visit again. I HAD to visit a bigger and better location and I was willing to drive any distance to do so. Thankfully, that drive was just three hours away in Philly, PA.

If you have seen my previous La Colombe post, you will read that the location was down a back ally in Washington D.C.. This location too was not on a main road……we had to park and walk a few blocks.

There it was …….this large brick building, a former warehouse….I could hardly contain myself as I walked thru the doors. The massive “La Colombe” sign was beautiful and welcoming.

Inside was an array of La Colombe merchandise, tasty baked goods and many places to sit to enjoy the infamous “on tap latte”. As I made my way back thru the building,  it went on forever. The place had an urban, modern feel to it and I could have stayed there all day!

So many unique interesting things to see, I won’t spoil it all for you here.

WHY do I LOVE La Colombe Coffee Roasters? La Colombe coffee is amazing. I love how this roaster embodies coffee to its core. It is creative, inventive, all while respecting the bean. I have yet to be disappointed and I don’t expect to be anytime soon.

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