Lexington Coffee
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Lexington Coffee

As a coffee blogger, I do more than just travel and review local shops, I drink coffee – LOTS of coffee from all over. I brew at home in a variety of ways and I love to see what each roaster has to offer.

Lexington Coffee was first introduced to me at another local coffee shop in Virginia. I had tried it and loved it!  Now, I had the opportunity to visit their coffee shop and roastery in Lexington, Virginia.

Rated by Forbes Magazine as one of the 12 Best Coffee Roasters in the U.S.. I couldn’t wait to explore inside!

The place is large and much more than just a coffee shop. Inside you will find a coffee shop, roastery, a self guided tour and a variety of coffee brewing items for sale.

After I ordered my cappuccino from the friendly barista, I went into a side room that walked you through the coffee process from water to grind and finally brewing it. There was a window to peek into the roasting room as well.

My cappuccino was perfect! My husband ordered a mocha and it was equally delicious! The shop was such a bright, cheery space and they also served bagels. A spot on the menu caught my eye…….“Not Coffee”. I thought this was clever and well thought out so to have something for everyone. We had such a great time here, sipping coffee and taking in all that Lexington Coffee Roastery had for us.

Lexington Coffee is much more than a coffee shop, it is a destination and something to explore! Their coffee has won many awards and rated as high as 95 points! ( This is just like a grade, the highest you can earn being 100 )

The coffee is memorable and leaves you wanting more! I had so much fun here and was enveloped by coffee from the bean to brew. Make sure to look this place up and plan YOUR visit!


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  1. I discovered Lexington coffee roasters when I purchased a bag of their coffee at a coffeeshop. The bag listed notes of lemon and toffee, and just reading about it made my mouth water! 😃
    When I brewed it at home and took that first sip, I was in love!!! 😍 Thank you Lexington coffee roasters!!

  2. Oh my goodness, that place sounds awesome! I’ll have to check their website out to see about ordering some beans!

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