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Little Amps Coffee Roasters

The day was completely free and I was excited to once again take to the road in search of a new coffee shop to explore!

A week or so earlier I had stumbled onto a fellow coffee blogger through Instagram who lives in Pennsylvania. She, ( Whitley ) is the writer behind the coffee blog, (The Bechtel Blend ). She started talking to me about these great local coffee shops in her area – we instantly connected, lol! I looked up Harrisburg and saw that is was only a few hours way. I’m glad that our love of coffee and supporting local coffee shops brought us together.

The drive went by quickly up through beautiful Pennsylvania and I found myself in the downtown area of Harrisburg, at Little Amps Coffee 133 State Street Location.

I texted Whitley and asked her if she was free to meet up while I was there and luckily she was! While I waited for her to arrive, I checked out this hip coffee shop.

The interior of this cafe has vintage wood floors, exposed brick walls, coupled with industrial light fixtures. I loved the look and feel to this cafe, it was the perfect design. My order was a skinny cappuccino, (my usual) and it was the perfect layering of espresso and milk, so delicious! Of course I also picked up a bag of beans to take home, (they roast their own ). The roast was smooth and I enjoyed it immensely at home.

A while later, Whitley arrived and we met for the first time. Talking with her was easy. We chatted over coffee and got to know each other, learning why we both ventured into the world of coffee blogging.

It was in that moment I realized – THIS is why coffee shops exist! To bring people together, sit and bond over a cup of coffee. This experience of genuineness is something that will never be found in the virtual world. We must be intentional, making an effort to meet people over coffee.

Little Amps Coffee is a hip coffee-house that I really enjoyed. They say it best on their website.

At Little Amps, we are obsessed with the steps of getting that taste in the cup: cultivation, processing, shipping, storage, roasting and preparation. We source beans from amazing farms worldwide and roast them with finesse right here in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. With every step in harmony and perfectly executed, you get awesome coffee!

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  1. That is so true, about why coffee shops exist! My husband and I use to go to a local coffee shop in Athens, GA and “study” while we were just starting to hang out, before we actually started dating. We would talk for hours upon hours. It was the best experience! I am a huge fan of coffee shops!

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