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Little Collins #13 ★★★★★

Finally, New York City coffee shops and back to “The List”! My husband’s job allowed me to take a short trip to the “Big Apple” and of course coffee and was on my mind! Several cafes from ‘The List’ (see  previous post “The List”) are  located in the big apple and I was beyond excited!

A few short blocks brought me to the very small, yet large in style and personality, Little Collins. Rated 13 in the top coffee shops in the U.S., I NOW know why; this place is incredible!

From the moment you step in the door, you are surrounded with ‘classic meets retro’ feel. The menu board, the store name street sign, the retro seagreen cups and the in-counter espresso machines, portray charm and personality in every square inch of this small cafe.

 The place was packed, which immediately told me that the brew was good, but there was something else. The baristas were beyond friendly, but not annoyingly so- it was perfect! I soaked in every second of the experience. From watching the baristas create art to loving how they served up my to go cup lid on a saucer, how classy! I LOVE this cafe and I personally would rate it #1, but hey, who’s asking? LOL

PLEASE, if ever in New York City, make this place a must stop and enjoy this cafe for yourself!


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