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Little Fox’s Java ★★★★

It was a girl’s weekend away and on our way into the city, we made a stop in the small Virginia town of Marshall.  At the edge of this quaint Virginia town, is Little Fox’s Java and Gifts.

Little Fox’s is an historic house turned half coffee shop, half gift shop. The place is charming and inviting. The vintage staircase greets you when you walk inside. To the right is the small cafe and the left features a couple rooms of gifts.

Don’t let the size of this cafe lead you to underestimating them. The owner, Matthew knows a thing or two about coffee and the cappuccino I ordered was spot on! Lexington Coffee is their roaster of choice, and not having tried them before, I also ordered a pour over and bought a bag for home. The smooth black coffee was taken to go and I made my way over to the gift shop. It was super cute and even had chairs for you to sit in while enjoying your brew.

Discovering local coffee shops in your area or where you are traveling is actually pretty easy. You can pull up your internet search browser and type in your town or city followed by coffee shops. Or you can use the Yelp app.

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The Yelp app is super easy to use in not only finding local coffee shops, but all kinds of businesses and/or restaurants in the city you select. I use this app all the time and if you don’t have any local coffee shops in your home town, you still can enjoy a great cappuccino or latte at home.

My local coffee search

I love my Nespresso maker. The espresso comes in pods and in a variety of flavors, like caramel or chocolate. Add the milk of your choice and the Nespresso maker steams the milk to make you the perfect cappuccino or latte.



Little Fox’s has now closed, but the space is now occupied by Cordial Coffee Company. This is their second location. Read my full review of their Berryville, VA. location here - My Review of Cordial Coffee





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  1. I too recently tried Lexington coffee at Little Fox’s Java – and LOVED it!!! I am anxious to return! 😀

  2. love learning about places. you have a nespresso machine? cool. I will prepare myself for a homemade cappuccino.

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