La Colombe Philly

My Love Affair with La Colombe Coffee

I  walked away from Starbucks, for good and I never felt so lost.

Coffee, always a sweet refuge for me, but now I felt frustrated, searching for something I couldn’t seem to find……..a bag of beans that I could call my favorite again…… a roast that was strong, yet smooth….a coffee company that loved the bean as much as I did and created that deep satisfaction in me again – much like a faithful friend.

I needed a coffee house that embraced me in an atmosphere of warmth and creativity the minute I walked in. Where I could sit for hours and just be me. Then I found  La Colombe Coffee Roasters .

I remember that beautiful morning.  I was walking in yet another local coffee shop longing to fill  that sweet spot, when I  was introduced to La Colombe Coffee. The first sip resonated to my core – finally I had found it, my search was over.

Never having heard of  “La Colombe Coffee Roasters”, I wanted to know more. I discovered  the founder and owner, Todd Carmichael, was the host of the tv show called, “Dangerous Grounds”.  I watched the show with fascination and as I saw his passion. This man had been in the industry for 30 years,  I knew I was onto something!

Shortly after, I found myself driving into Washington D.C. to  La Colombe Coffee shop.  I fell in love. The coffee tasted smooth and was rich in flavor profiles. The cafe  offered a nice variety of beans –  I could have a “favorite”!  It was here  I was introduced to the ‘on tap latte’, a drink created by the man himself, Todd Carmichael.

La Colombe Coffee Roasters – I had found it, my new home, my new favorite, my new safe place! I  felt like I could cry.

Since then, I have visited five other locations, with the  Philadelphia, PA, Fishtown location ranking as my absolute favorite. However, each cafe is stunning and the drinks will always be amazing. You can be confident the beans will be fresh and exceed every expectation.

Starbucks was gone and that was okay…. because I had found a new friend. La Colombe  gave me a place to live out my passion for coffee. I expect to find other fascinating cafes along the way, but La Colombe  will always be my sweet spot.



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