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Mad Monks Coffee Shop ★★★★

I’ve been a paper / pen junkie most of my life and I still have way too many of them.  I couldn’t get my blog writing on without a steno pad- LOL. We all have our eccentricities and today mine was having the perfect type of notebook to take notes and to improve my blog. Although I am a huge fan of technology, there is just something about pen and paper. You know what I mean?


As I have said in previous blogs, my local coffee shops are of huge importance to me. I do travel often and I love the adventure of that, but my local shops is where I sit and chat with friends or blog.

The local cafe I am highlighting today is Mad Monks Coffee Shop . This cafe is just 30 minutes from my home and located in the downtown area of quaint little Charles Town, W.V..

Walking in for the first time, I felt comfortable. Two couches facing each other anchored by a throw rug, beautifully hand crafted wood tables, wood tones and a brick wall create a pleasant environment.

The primary roaster used is  Red Rooster Coffee Company out of Floyd, Virginia and the drinks reflect the quality of this award-winning roaster. I have had the privilege of sampling many of the drinks at Mad Monks from black coffee to iced coffee and I have never been disappointed. This is a fantastic coffee shop!

The cafe is owned by monks and they also serve up tasty monastic breads. Their purpose  is  to meet more of their neighbors in town & enjoy the coffee and bread while doing so!

Mad Monks

I will be returning! My only hope is for later hours, as this cafes hours are very limited. Look them up and visit them for a great cup of coffee, cappuccino, or iced coffee!




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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience about Mad Monks, I wanted to visit there but have not had a chance yet. I will definitely be planning a trip in the near future!! ?

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