Market Street Coffee – Purcellville, VA. ★

I was excited, hopeful in finding yet another, wonderful, locally owned coffee shop. The interior had a living room, cozy feel and I found that charming and unique.



I stepped to the counter and found a smaller, but classic coffee menu. I ordered a black coffee and my husband ordered smoothie. Unfortunately the young barista was not friendly and when asking her about the coffee roaster they use and what they were brewing she had no clue, in fact, I felt like I was bothering her.

We sat down with our beverages and I liked the atmosphere a lot. They offered free books and had a fireplace, but the coffee and even my husbands smoothie could not be finished by either of us, they were both awful. I will say this, the place was full while we were there, so someone was enjoying something off the menu, lol.

I have further researched this cafe and they pride themselves on employing both local high school and college students. Although I think they should vet the students a little better.

Visiting the cafe’s website I found they use a mass produced espresso, Lavazza and the coffee roaster listed on their website, Callao Coffee, is no longer in business and has been bought out by another roasting company.


It pains me to post an unfavorable review, but this blog is all about my travels to various coffee shops and the quality of the coffee from my perspective. I wanted to like this place, the interior cozy and welcoming –  but coffee that bad, I won’t return.

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  1. That is so sad! I will confidently say that they made it wrong. Lavazza is one of our favorite coffee beans and I have noticed that if you don’t know what you are doing even the best bean can be ruined. Hopefully this shop will see your review and train their employees better in regards to customer service and also how to not ruin a cup of coffee…..But my real question is how do you ruin a smoothie!! Keep those reviews coming! I know I have greatly enjoyed them 😉

  2. I for one prefer to follow a blogger who tells it like it is, fairly and graciously , which is exactly what I just read. Travel on Cappuccino Traveler and keep bringing back the straight skinny!!

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