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Messenger Coffee Company ★★★★★

Welcome to Messenger Coffee Company, a coffee shop like none other. So beautiful and large, you don’t want to leave.

White and Black, an atmosphere of class and perfection, accompanied with memorable specialty coffee and baked goods. Messenger Coffee is one step above all the rest and the most beautiful coffee shop I have EVER enjoyed.

This coffee shop is unique because of the three levels it features. Each level has numerous amounts of beautiful seating. The bakery houses the main floor with the cafe and slowbar. The second level has two large drum roasters where you can sip your coffee while watching the coffee being freshly roasted. The rooftop level is stunning all on its own. With great views of the city and an electric fireplace, I was speechless as I took in every corner. Have a I mentioned all the design and architecture?? Everywhere you turn is intricate design, showing off in a monochromatic color scheme. The place is stunning. This is a coffee shop you must go and see for yourself, I have never seen anything like it! My pictures don’t even begin to do it justice and the day I visited, the place was packed, making some places inside hard to capture.

I haven’t even began to talk about the coffee. My drinks were just as rewarding as the place itself. I ordered so many while I was there because I just had to try them all! I usually don’t order a baked good, but since Messenger is paired with a bakery, I knew I had to. My almond croissant was delicious, delicate and paired perfectly with the cappuccino.

In addition, I had arranged to meet up with fellow Kansas City Coffee Blogger, The Royal Brew and a fellow coffee enthusiast I had come to know on Instagram. This was our first time meeting each other, but coffee and the love of local coffee shops made it feel like we were instant friends. I love the coffee community!

This moment, the day I visited Messenger Coffee Company, was more than a local coffee shop. This was where everything good that coffee creates came together as one memorable moment. I will never forget and will always have a special place in my heart for Messenger Coffee. One companies vision, realized, is a stunning attraction in Kansas City that I will forever treasure!



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  1. I love that they left it with a warehouse/loft/modernish feel (if that even makes sense haha). There’s a certain charm to letting some of the details be exposed. Of course, none of it matters if they don’t have good coffee, so I’m glad they passed the test there too 😉

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