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Modern Times Coffee

Three coffee bloggers meet at a coffee shop. They tasted delicious coffee and laughed a lot.

Okay, so I am not the wittiest person there is, but I love to laugh. And this is the story behind my visit to Modern Times Coffee  in San Diego, CA. My fellow friend and coffee blogger, Rachel said that before leaving for the East Coast that I HAD to visit this place, I am very glad that I did!

But before my review, I wanted to tell you the other part to this story and that is where I met Cold Brew Luke, another coffee blogger on Instagram. There are many social media bloggers out there and I love connecting with them! I discovered “Cold Brew Luke” while in the airport waiting for a connecting flight. He was doing his first instagram story about making cold brew at home. He was funny and charming, so I messaged him that I would be in the area. We all decided to meet up at Modern Times, me, my hubby, Cold Brew Chick, Luke and his girlfriend. We had such a great time talking lots of coffee, social media and cold brew of course.

Modern Times is a very unique coffee shop. It is actually part coffee shop, part brewery. It is located in a big warehouse and has an artsy, fun vibe to it. There is actually a wall of art created strictly with post -it notes!

I ordered a cold brew here instead 0f my normal cappuccino and I am so glad that I did! It is some of the best cold brew I have ever tasted! I also grabbed a bag of beans for the road and was able to enjoy the coffee at home too!

This place is a MUST SEE….no seriously. It is a destination like no other and it is super fun to visit too! So, grab your friends and make plans to visit Modern Times, you will have a blast!


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