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Mom & Pops Coffee ★★★★

I had a list of coffee shops that I planned to visit for the very first time. Mom & Pops Coffee in Fairfax, Virginia was first on the list! Planted between shopping centers and apartments is the small coffee shop, Mom & Pops Coffee, where there is something for everyone.

“Mom & Pop is a new concept from the Dolcezza team, open in the Mosaic District park as of July 2015. It features coffee from Stumptown Coffee Roasters, pastries from Paisley Fig and Bonaparte, breakfast sandwiches, and snack boards. We also offer a selection of beer and wine on tap.” – Mom & Pops Website

On this day, I had my youngest son and hubby with me. When I tell you this cafe is small, I mean VERY small! Maybe 5-6 tables with two chairs at each table. So this is a better place to plan and take your coffee to go if you need.  Thankfully, there was one spot left and we grabbed it, while I ordered. Of course, it was a cappuccino for me, but the coffee menu was expansive featuring a gibraltar, dulce de leche and even rosewater limeade.

A Gibralter Coffee -The brainchild of Blue Bottle Coffee in San Francisco, The Gibraltar is a double-shot of espresso and a bit of milk. It’s served in a small Libbey “Gibraltar” tumbler, hence the name. … It’s made of espresso covered with an equal amount of thinly steamed milk.

I really enjoyed the shop, my drink, the atmosphere and pleasant baristas, it was a great start to my birthday trip! I only wish the place was bigger. Although there as outdoor seating, on this snowy day, it wasn’t an option.

I would return to Mom & Pops Coffee for sure! The lit “COFFEE” sign in the window, made it stand out for sure – I love when the owners of these shops add in details like this that you can only find at that particular cafe.

I hope you enjoyed yet another local coffee shop review. I write and review a new coffee shop every Tuesday. If you would like me to review your coffee shop or product, shoot me an email.


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  1. OH how fun! I would stay away from the Double shot of espresso. One shot and Im zinging all day. Love the picture.

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