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Mugs & Muffins

I have traveled from one U.S. coast to the other, which means over 14,000 miles to date! Every mile was in search of the most amazing cup of coffee and while I love the adventure, our local coffee shops are of utmost importance.

It is at my local coffee shops that I find solace, time to blog or refuge on a bad day. It’s a place where I take my friends to treat them to a coffee, have a chat with my mom or simply sit alone and reflect.

In downtown Martinsburg, WV, just a few miles from my home, you will discover a newly opened coffeehouse and organic bakery called Mugs & Muffins. Quaint and historic Main Street is the location of this charming coffeehouse which has become a personal favorite and let me tell you why.

First, I have fallen in love with their patio. The black metal cafe tables and gently flowing water fountain create an inviting place to watch passerbys on a beautiful day.

Inside, the cafe is spacious and comfortable; I would call it unpretentious and homey. As you step up to the the counter to order, large appealing muffins are on display . They are delicious, organic and all made with ingredients purchased locally.

As I have spent time with the owner, I have learned she is very passionate not only about buying local, but supporting all local businesses in the area and  I can relate with this. I started this blog with a passion to not only find the best cup of joe, but to encourage others to get out of their usual coffee routines of Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, or the gas station and support their local coffee shops instead.

Rick’s Roasters, out of Fredericksburg,Virginia is the roaster of choice. He personally delivers beans to the cafe, so the coffee is very fresh. Considering I have had a number of coffee drinks here, I believe you too will experience a smooth brew, from the hot black coffee to the espresso, nothing is strong or bitter in nature. My absolute favorite is their cold brew which is made right on location and takes 24 hours to process. Let me say again, the cold brew is amazing!

They are many other unique things at Mugs & Muffins, such as a reading nook, where you can borrow a book or leave a book you have completed for the next person. I also appreciate that they make their own syrups and use only the finest ingredients.

Mugs & Muffins is a great cafe, you will find me there often! The next time you are going to stop for coffee, head downtown and support your local coffee shop, Mugs & Muffins. It will be worth the drive!




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  1. I stopped for some good coffee, breakfast, and quiet time after a rough week. I needed some refreshing and this was just what the doctor ordered. breakfast was super, Cappuccino was over the moon, and the atmosphere was so pleasant. I enjoyed a lovely chat with the owner and will definitely be back often. (Maybe even with the two kiddos. I love that they had a few high chairs.) Thanks Crystal!

  2. Taking a client there tomorrow and can’t wait! My husband loves this place but I haven’t had a chance to stop in yet! Thanks for the preview, Crystal!

  3. Thank you for the review! I just saw they serve grain, dairy and sugar-free meals so I can’t wait to visit. Now I can’t wait to try their coffee as well!

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