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My love for coffee has caused me to acquire quite a collection of all things coffee related, from wall art to cup sleeves from the many cafes I’ve visited and today I’m excited to share it with you, my faithful readers. So get your cup of java and sit back while I take you on a visual tour of my coffee treasury.  I hope you enjoy my first “At Home with the CT” blog.

This is my coffee wall. I made the menu board myself from an idea I spotted on Pinterest. The cafe shelf dates back to the first year my hubby and I were married We purchased this piece for our first home together. Other items have been given to me by friends and some I purchased just because it caught my eye.


Looking for unique items to fill my coffee shelves over the years has been fun for me! The metal “coffee” sign at the top was purchased from a fall festival vendor. Also in my collection are several coffee books, most of which I have never read, but I loved the look of them and the title of one book, “Coffee Obsession”, fit me to a tee! On the last shelf you can see two bags of coffee from a recent visit to Washington D.C. coffee shops. The bag from Vigilanti cost $25 and is a winner of the 2015 Cup of Excellence award.  The blue coffee cup in the center is actually a candle tart warmer my sister gave me. It sits alongside a vintage coffee pot I found at a country store and finally, the end of the shelf boasts my go to french press.


I have two large baskets in my home, containing over ten different bags of coffee from all over. The bag design of several of them are so stunning that I can’t bring myself to open and use them!



My reusable coffee cup from Artifact Coffee, holds a sweet spot in my heart because it was the first gift I received as a coffee blogger in appreciation for visiting their cafe.


Lastly, I love my collection of coffee cup sleeves. I appreciate when a coffee shop spends the extra money to offer these in their cafes. It says to me they are proud of their brand and are wise enough to see the sleeves as great advertising. When I visit and critique a cafe, it is little things like these that speak loudly to me.

I trust you have enjoyed your first peek into the life of the “CT” as much as I’ve enjoyed having you here!  Be watching for my monthly blog post “At Home with the CT” where you will discover more of my passion for the brew and everything it encompasses.


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  1. I love this post! Seeing all this wonderful coffee stuff just makes my heart happy! Love your creativity! ?

  2. Thanks for giving us a peek into your coffee “memorabilia” collection. I love it! Makes me wish I had my grandmothers coffeepot she used when I was younger!

  3. I love this crystal!  Great job Tammy King

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