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Nobletree Coffee

When I think of my ideal coffee shop, I think of……………… amazing coffee, roasted fresh on location.

I think of multiple places to sit, from comfy spots to a table where I can get some work done.

I think of a shop that offers many ways to brew the coffee, but a simple coffee menu.

I think of a creative baristas who create special coffee drinks only served at that shop & are friendly.

Nobletree Coffee located in Brooklyn, New York, fits that “ideal coffee shop” for me. Hubby and I were in New York visiting the city. Months prior I had connected with a barista on Instagram. He had invited me to come visit him at Nobletree Coffee, he wanted to make a special drink for me. ( Super cool!)

We parked and walked to the shop because Nobletree Coffee in Brooklyn, is located out on a pier. From the front door of the shop, you look across the water and see the Statue of Liberty in the distance. It’s beautiful & peaceful.

Inside, my barista friend, “Joseph” met me, eager to show his skills and make this special drink he had promised. We sat and chatted about coffee, his new coffee catering business, Espresso State of Mind,  coffee trends and I felt like I had known him for years. THIS is why I love coffee. You have heard me write about it many times before. I love the coffee community and what it has to offer. It is so much more than just a cappuccino. It is conversation and the experience of meeting a stranger and quickly becoming friends over the art of coffee.

We sat and our conversation stumbled onto oat milk and coffee. This was Novemeber 2017 when I visited and oat milk was just becoming a hot new trend. I had not yet tasted oat milk in my cappuccino and was very curious to try it. I love a good milk alternative and often order and almond milk cappuccino. Joseph actually let me try the oat milk by itself, before making me a cappuccino with it.

Oat Milk  - is exactly what it sounds like: a non-dairy, vegan milk substitute made from oats. At its most basic form, oat milk is made of oats and water blended together, then strained to create a smooth, creamy liquid.

The oat milk itself was good, very thick, but good. I then tried the cappuccino made with oat milk. Joseph poured it beautifully, almost too pretty to drink. I will tell you that while it was tasty, the oat milk over powered the espresso for me and ending up tasting more like a very heavy latte.

Joseph also made me a special drink he created. It was called an “Apple Jax”.  Such a beautiful presentation, it consisted of black tea, oat milk, spiced apple cider simple syrup and topped with pie crust crumbles – it was SO GOOD!!! Unique and memorable too. I felt so honored having this barista, I had only met via Instagram craft this special drink for me.

Nobletree Coffee also has a roasting room, a quality control room and a room with a fireplace. I met several members of the staff and everyone was so nice! Before leaving I ordered a flight of cold brew coffee that blew my mind – so unique! So good.

Nobletree is what all coffee shops should aspire to be. Fresh, creative, friendly, cutting edge. It was sophisticated, sharp and a visit I won’t ever forget! Connecting with baristas and one like Joseph, will never be forgotten.


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