Oak Lawn Coffee
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Oak Lawn Coffee

I traveled to Dallas, Texas to visit a friend and hit up some coffee shops. I headed towards downtown Dallas, based on my Yelp search and the high ratings of the cafe.

Oak Lawn

The outside decor was very cool upon approaching, but that is where the good points for this cafe end and I could not have been more disappointed. The parking was ridiculous, the cafe small,  on the dirty side and the barista, not very friendly. My usual cappuccino, sub par.

Oak LAwn 3

I’m not a fan of leaving bad reviews, but this place was very disappointing. The best thing about this place was the decor.

Oak LAwn 2

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  1. So sad you had such an unsatisfactory experience! I don’t believe I’ve been to this specific coffee shop in Oaklawn, though I did spend a good bit of my mid-twenties trekking up and down this street. I used to go to another one that was tiny, with pop art, pretentious customer service (you are in the gay-bor-hood of Dallas after all) and excellent chai. 😉

  2. We are living in the Dallas area now. (Previously we were in Kansas City and I think I commented on your Kansas City blog post.) We actually are a bit north of the city so haven’t even spent any time downtown yet, but we have found a few coffee shops we like in Frisco. The one we go to most is called The Nest. They have good food options (sandwiches, salads, Belgian waffles, avocado toast) as well as good coffee. I usually get their mildly sweet “Winnie the Pooh” latte which is a latte with honey and cinnamon. My husband gets his standard vanilla latte, and it’s good too because the syrup is made in-house and they don’t go overboard with it.

    Another one to check out is Summer Moon coffee. It’s on Main Street in Frisco so a good place to get a feel for the Frisco vibe. I have only tried their house specialty, which is a sweet, creamy, vanilla flavored, latte type drink, but I believe they have traditional choices as well. They also have a location in Austin which I believe may have been the first location.

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