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Oddly Correct ★★★★★

Traveling is a passion of mine. Birthed out of growing up in a small town of West Virginia, I couldn’t wait to travel.

The art of coffee excites me. The adventure of a new coffee shop brings butterflies to my stomach! Partner that with a love of travel and it is pure bliss!

This new adventure brought me to Kansas City, MO.. Oddly Correct came highly recommended as a must see for a coffee enthusiast such as myself.

Interior of Oddly Correct

Located on Main Street, Oddly Correct sits on a street corner in a historic looking building. Exposed brick and a minimalistic vibe is what I found inside. Unique black and white art on the wall  lured me in further. The coffee bags also have this unique art on them, making them very appealing.

The founders of Oddly Correct call themselves “Coffee Zealots” with “A mission to bring people out of their rut…..to experience something exotic in their everyday life.” This can be felt at this cafe. I loved the passion and the respect given to black coffee, challenging people to enjoy the bean in its purist form.

My husband and I sampled a variety of drinks, and it felt to us more like a coffee tasting experience than just a place to grab your daily cappuccino. We sat there for a bit, enjoying the large glass windows that looked out over Main Street. This cafe is unlike any other I have visited, it was a cut above the rest. It was “Oddly” unique and very correct, lol.

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