The Cappuccino Traveler – 1 year later

My love for coffee began in my twenties, but how did I get here?………..It has been a evolution really. Coffee and an inviting cafe has always felt like a safe place for me, away from life’s pressures. Having the perfect cup of coffee in my hand was essential to my moment.

For a decade I enjoyed Starbucks Coffee, long before they were popular. Leaving Starbucks behind almost two years ago, created a void and so began my search for the next best cup of fresh coffee and so, the “The Cappuccino Traveler” was born!

My travels have taken me to over 100 different coffee shops, to 15 states and covered over 14,000 miles! The endless cappuccinos, pour overs and black coffees have advanced my understanding, as well as deepened my love for the brew and the bean.

As I reflect, I think about the places that I absolutely loved.  The shops where the atmosphere was amazing, the coffee outstanding and offered in different and creative ways. Uniqueness scores high with me, yet with a classy sophistication; a well thought out cafe and one that exemplifies the desire for the customer to have the most memorable coffee experience from the moment you walk in. With that in mind, these three coffee shops are my favorites:

#3- Three Ships Coffee Roasters, Virginia Beach, VA

#2- Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, San Diego, CA.

#1- La Colombe Fishtown, Philadelphia, PA

These cafes served me exceptional coffee, a memorable experience as well and left me wanting more.

Sadly, thinking about the best places over the past year, also reminds me of my least favorite. These are the places that I couldn’t leave fast enough because of poor atmosphere and decor. I bought a coffee, took a sip and trashed the rest knowing I would never return and that future coffee lovers deserved to be warned. I really believe any coffee shop CAN make changes and turn around, but my experience this past year leaves me listing these as the most in need of change.

#2 – Market Street Coffee, Purceville, VA

#1 – Lost Dog, Shepherdstown, WV.

Curious as to why? Visit my blog posts about them.

Recently some of you posted questions that you wanted me to answer on my Facebook page, such as wanting to know what I drink at home and how I brew it.  I am excited to announce this will be a New Feature on my blog that I am calling, The “C.T.” @ Home!

I am looking forward to not only bringing you reviews, but sharing how I enjoy coffee and what I am currently brewing. You will find out which beans and roasts I enjoy and ones I will never buy again. I currently have over twenty bags of fresh beans, including an award winning, $25 bag from Vigilanti Coffee from Washington D.C., (blog post coming mid October).

NOW…….. every Tuesday Morning…… you can get my newest blog post hot off the press in your email box when you become a subscriber.

For a taste of what is to come, I will answer a few of the questions posted to my Facebook page just this week!

Robin F. asks, “Do you ever drink K -cups?”

I refer to K-cups as “plastic coffee” and although I used to own a Keurig, I much prefer freshly ground coffee at home.

Tamara S. asks, “What kind of coffee maker do you use at home?”

I have had MANY coffee makers and I always have my eye on  a new one, lol. After much research, I chose one of the only three models approved by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. It is a Bonavita  BV1800 and I love it! If you are in the market, this is the way to go and they have many options.

A huge shout out to all my Instagram Followers, Facebook Fans, Blog subscribers and all of you who don’t leave a social footprint, but I know you are reading……this has been an memorable, blessed year and I am so looking forward to the next!


The Cappuccino Traveler


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  1. Loved reading this. Congrats in your one year. Look forward to everything you have coming in the future know you are doing what you love 🙂

  2. I’m excited to see your going to be regularly posting on Saturdays. Something I can read with my morning Joe!

  3. I have learned so much about coffee since I began reading your blog! Your enthusiasm for finding a quality cup of coffee is contagious! Thank you for informing and inspiring all of your readers!! Congrats on an exceptional first year and I can’t wait to see where you take us next!!! 😀

  4. It so great to check out your blogs. You are awesome person. It great to see you and watch you do something you enjoy. It’s simple drink coffee.

  5. I a little traveling every summer and I seek out local shops. I would like to suggest a couple that you may like if you get out that way.

    The best cappuccino I’ve had this side of Naples Italy was at the Cafe Luna in Longmont, CO. I was visiting the Rocky Mountain National Park and stayed in Longmont. There is a huge Coffee shop in town for the tourists but the Cafe Luna is where the locals go. Be sure to ask for the Italian Cappuccino, it is served in a ceramic cup and not available “to go”. This is the way it is done in Europe.

    A very close second, and the coffee shop with the best backyard in the world is in Hurricane, UT. They’re address says LaVerkin but the two towns touch and there is only one post office. The shop overlooks the Virgin River Canyon. They roast their own coffee and sell it over the internet. Rock River Roasting Co. They have really great food too. I stop here every year on my visit to Zion National Park. It has grown over the years and I hope they don’t outgrow their excellent quality.

    I have a pretty long list of good to great shops in and around the National Parks if you are interested.

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