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Order & Chaos Coffee

There is something really special when you go on a coffee crawl with a friend that appreciates coffee as much as you do. Endless coffee selfies are expected and an in-depth conversation about the cup of coffee you both ordered. Sipping, appreciating the moment, it is an experience I live for.

This was the case when I visited Order & Chaos Coffee in Baltimore, MD. My friend Kate and I had been to a few previous shops that rainy day, but as usual, I wanted to slip in one more.

Order & Chaos is located down by the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, MD.. When driving by, you cannot miss this coffee shop! The white brick building has the quote, “A creative cup of coffee” stenciled on the front of the building. Bright colored chairs and tables fill the front outside. The cute black and white coffee cup logo with an x for a right eye and the tongue sticking out made me smile. I love the creativity and the uniqueness of this shop and it didn’t stop there!

Inside, the ceiling above the order counter is brightly stenciled with the letters x and o in a variety of bright colors – very eye catching! The rest of the cafe has an industrial feel to it with concrete floors and black and white seating. Large windows everywhere makes it a great place to work.

At the time of my visit they were featuring Passenger Coffee. I have been to Passenger Coffee in Lancaster, PA., Click here to read about my experience at Passenger Coffee . The coffee there is some of the best I have tasted and I knew the coffee would be amazing!

The menu is expansive. Specialty coffees, teas, walking waffles (don’t ask, I’m not sure, lol) and smoothies, this shop has it all! I had been drinking hot coffee all day and wanted to end the day with a cold one. I ordered a macadamia milk iced latte for the first time. It was delicious and I was happy that the barista had suggested it to me . The nutty flavor came through well with out over powering the espresso.

We sat, chatted and enjoyed the coffee and the space. Friendly baristas were a bonus for sure. The shop is a short walk from the beautiful Baltimore Harbor. Make sure to look it up!


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  1. Love visiting these cofffeshops through your eyes! 🙂
    I love macadamia nuts! That does it! Next time in Baltimore I’ll be at Order & Chaos Coffee!!!! 😀

  2. Loved getting to explore this shop with you! And getting to try something new in the coffee world – macadamia nut milk – together. There’s something more special about trying something new when you both get passionate over it. 🙂

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