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Passenger Coffee ★★★★★

Before we met, he didn’t drink much coffee….I quickly changed that, lol. Now, 14 years later, we love exploring local coffee shops and different brewing methods together. It’s become a shared interest and keeps us close. We often take birthdays, holiday weekends or date days to explore new coffee shops, often driving up to 6 hours to that new coffee shop. For some this may be crazy to drive so many hours simply to drink a cappuccino and a mocha, but it is the complete experience and bonding for both of us.

Passenger Coffee had come highly recommended and it was just a short three hour drive to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Located in the beautiful, downtown area of Lancaster sits Passenger coffee. The outside of the building was pleasing to the eye and drew me in. Although the space was not huge, it appears larger to the eye because the space is very bright and has a clean look. Once inside I snapped a picture of the large, yet simple menu. That picture I took is famous on my Instagram with its styled, yet simple look and is my highest rated / viewed photo  – ever!

I like simple coffee shop menus. A simple menu communicates to me that the coffee shop is confident and doesn’t need all the fluff. While there is room for a festive latte or affagoto periodically, my go to order, that I order most every coffee shop I check out, is a cappuccino, so I need it to be solid.

My cappuccino was worth savoring and the shop had a peaceful feel to it to – I could have sat there for hours. I also went back and ordered a pour over, anxious to try the black coffee, unadulterated by cream and sugar. Kalita Wave was the pour over method of choice and I always like to try an African coffee. No surprise here that it left me speechless. It was perfect on every aspect of flavor, fruitiness and the water ratio & bloom time was spot on!

Passenger Coffee is a cut above the rest for me. Why? Because they hit a “5” on every scale for me. Coffee, barista friendliness, decor and feel of the space. And, although I don’t know how to explain this, Passenger gave me a feeling that although they know the coffee is good, that they would be a coffee roaster that was always looking to be innovative and improve.

For me that is key! I talk to so many roasters who think their coffee is the best. While it is important to have pride in your company and work…coffee crops change seasonally  and shouldn’t we always aspire to be better than we were yesterday? I know I do. I aspire to be a better blogger, a better coffee influencer, a better person…each day.

This coffee shop experience will always be special because I shared the moment with my hubby, but more so because you can tell Passenger is in love with coffee and the process, delivery an amazing product and experience!


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  1. I have got to hit this place the next time we are near Lancaster! Wow!
    You are so right about always looking to improve or be better in ways. I’d rather visit a coffeeshop where they are open to improvements than one where they are certain that they have arrived!! Thanks for telling us about Passenger!!! 😀

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