Peregrine Espresso

(peregrine) espresso

Starbucks was a thing of the past for me and I began a search for THE BEST coffee in our great nation.  A simple search, an article by The Daily Meal had hubby and I making a two hour drive into Washington D.C..

Excitement and anxiousness, I could hardly sleep the night before. Would it live up to the article? What would the atmosphere be? I wondered how AMAZING “my usual” would taste as the foam hit my lips for the first time.

The trip seemed to take forever and the parking was a whole other issue, but it was a perfect Saturday morning in downtown D.C.. After a short walk, I saw it through the trees…THIS was the moment I had waited for, it was finally here!!

The outside featured a patio and I found the decor charming yet modern as the inside followed that theme. A smaller cafe yet bright and airy, the barista so friendly and warm. I’m always also glad to see it when these coffee shops feature merchandise with their name on it for purchase, so I can advertise and let others know that there is life after Starbucks, lol. I ordered my drink, grabbed a bag of beans and waited patiently. I gazed around and in a small corner featured top barista and coffee trophies – I WAS in the right place indeed!

“Crystal”, my name was called as my piece of art was finally ready for my enjoyment. It was amazing! Perfectly crafted! THIS moment solidified me EVER again saying that Starbucks was good coffee. THIS was coffee at its best, every layer of flavor of the espresso to the texture of the foam, neither overwhelming the other. Did I say perfection already?

The moment ended too quickly but very much enjoyed and so worth the two hour drive! Look it up, stop by if ever in our nation’s Capitol.


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