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Perked Up! Cafe ★★

“Do you want to go with me to Virginia Beach?” my husband asked me one Thursday morning. “Um, yes, please!” I responded. After a few hours, we were on our way and I was super excited to hit up as many local coffee shops in the area as possible. Although living in this surrounding area several years ago for a short time, I was a Starbucks victim at that time and had no idea what I was missing.

Pulling into a small shopping center close to the oceanfront, you can’t miss the cheery cafe sign, “Perked Up Cafe!” As I walked thru the door, I immediately had to stop, because the counter is so close to the door and there was one person ahead of me.

I took the opportunity to look around the small cafe, snapping pictures and taking it all in. The place was bright and uplifting. I took notice of this sign right away and could not agree more. Have a I said that Starbucks is NOT true coffee? LOL


I noticed they offered bags of coffee for purchase from a local roaster in Williamsburg, Virginia and decided to order that. They offered a serve yourself coffee bar in a variety of coffees and refills were just 50 cents. The Virginia Beach Sunrise I tasted was good, although I wish it had more body and a better finish.

I sat there a few minutes and watched a steady flow of customers come thru the door, most of them ordering breakfast. The place, although small was homey, the decor, charming. It’s a cute little place for both coffee, a croissant and homemade quiche, so stop by!


Perked Up!



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  1. It looks really cheerful and inviting inside. I liked your words, ‘Starbucks victim.’ Though, I’m amazed I’ve found a coffee drink at Starbucks that I’m liking – it’s the sweet cream cold brew. They use a different roast for it than for their regular espresso drinks, which must be why I like it better. Let me know if you try it, and what you think. 🙂

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