Portside Coffee ★★★

It is such a beautiful town filled with interesting historic homes, a lovely downtown area and it’s just a short drive from Washington D.C.. Leesburg, VA is also the home to many amazing local coffee shops.

I used to drive to Leesburg often to visit my favorite Starbucks, back in the day. Little did I realize how much I was missing out on when I chose convenience over local coffee. Choosing local coffee is like going on an adventure!

Each shop has its own feel and unique roaster! Visiting new shops is the highlight of any trip I take because I know two things for sure – I will find fresh coffee and encounter a brilliant coffee community. I meet Baristas who love what they do and take pride in serving their community. There is nothing else like it! I hope that by reading each week, you too, will develop a thirst for this adventure. Passing up convenience and explore what your local coffee shop has to offer!

Portside Coffee is located close to the historic downtown area in a newer shopping plaza. The cafe is spacious and bright. There is plenty of workspace, a cozy sofa and friendly baristas.

This cafe has a nautical ship theme as the name suggests, with an art deco feel. You will find fancy lighting like something you would see on a cruise ship and large travel posters cover one wall.

I ordered a skinny cappuccino, pour over and a cold brew. The roasters offered were Cervantes and Cafe Amouri. My coffee was good, and I really enjoyed the atmosphere. They have a large coffee menu, baked goods, bubble tea, lunch items and much more!

I had the privilege to meet with the owner, Linda, such a sweet lady.

As I bring another blog to a close, I hope that you enjoy reading them weekly. I love sharing my adventures with you as The Cappuccino Traveler and it means a lot to me that you took the time to read this today!


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  1. How nice is that nautical ship theme? 1 I really wish we had some coffee shops like this (outside the city) I’d love to blog from a quiet coffee shop. You’ve inspired me to look to see what we’ve got here around me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I LOVEEEE going to new coffee shops! When we go on a trip (though I admit that traveling is very rare for us), finding a coffee shop is one of my first tasks! The nautical theme sounds really cool!

  3. Wow! That seems like a beautiful place to visit. My husband enjoys coffee very much and I enjoy traveling and visiting new places so every time we go to a new town, we always try to find a nice, local shop. We will have to had this to the list for when we visit Virginia.

  4. I have finally found you … I feel you are my missing soulmate. Finally a travel blog that’s got my interests at heart 🙂 folk a fellow cap lover.

  5. Your post are so inspiring, and have motivated me to visit a local new coffee shop walking distance from my apartment called “Juma” ☕ I cant wait to cattch one of your coffee caravans ☕?

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