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PT’s Coffee Roasting Co. ★★★★★

It was a beautiful fall day in November and the hubby and I were anxious to visit the second coffee shop on my list, PT’s Coffee Roasting Co..

We walked into a large space with an industrial vibe. The wall to my right featured shelves of coffee that had been roasted by them. As I took it all in and tried to make my selection, I spotted a spiral notebook on the bottom shelf. It was an in depth look at each roast, including roast levels, brew method suggestions and flavor notes. I have never seen such a book and was very impressed!

Inside PT’s Coffee

Approaching the counter, I noticed that in addition to a main menu board, a “Current Offerings” menu was displayed. This deepened my already positive experience here and made my drink decision even harder.

My cappuccino

I ordered my usual skinny cappuccino and it was delicious. I have to tell you though, what made my cappuccino even better was the “PT Coffee” mug it was served in. When a coffee house serves your drink in, not just a ceramic mug but a branded one, it says they take pride in their brand and their coffee.

We sat there for a while taking it all in. I just loved this place! The atmosphere was spot on, the cappuccino delicious and the staff welcoming – a home run in my book!

Interesting side note… A few weeks ago, I read that PT’s Coffee Roasting Company will soon merge with award-winning Bird Rock Coffee Roasters from San Diego, California! PT’s Coffee Roasting Co. and Bird Rock Coffee Roasters have both received the Coffee Roaster of the Year award by Roast Magazine, in 2009 and 2012. Having visited Bird Rock Coffee last year, I was very excited to learn this and I can’t wait to see what they do together. You can read all about my visit to Bird Rock Coffee here, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters – San Diego Coffee Tour ★★★★★.

My experience was so great that when it came time to leave, I was sad. This coffee shop is clearly a notch above the rest. You can feel the passion and pride everywhere within their walls. Well done, PT Coffee, well done!

“CT” at PT’s


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