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Quay Coffee ★★★

I enjoy connecting with the coffee community. But especially fellow coffee bloggers and Instagrammers.  We all have such a passion for the art of coffee and we all have our own unique perspective.

I knew I was heading back to Kansas City last November and David, fellow coffee enthusiast and the creator of Coffee Kansas City reached out to me. He wanted to meet up and talk coffee and I was all in. I love meeting up with fellow coffee lovers! Anytime you see that I will be in YOUR city, make sure to send me a message!

We met at a coffee shop that came highly recommended to me and I was anxious to visit. Quay Coffee.

The name “Quay” pays homage to the former name of the River Market, called River Quay, pronounced “key”.  It was an energetic and thriving area during the time full of musicians, artisans and the like.  It was also during this time that trouble broke out.  A few buildings were blown up as some Kansas City rivalries began.  The city stepped away from revitalizing the area until it calmed down.  A few years later the city came back in and renamed this area the River Market.  -Per Quay Coffee Website

Quay Coffee (River Market Location) is in an old bank and what’s super cool is the bank vault inside! It is used as a place to home coffee brewers and other coffee items for sale. I stepped inside, looking at all the products, and just taking in this cool experience.

The shop is nice in size with rustic/mod decor and the fresh flowers on the table was a nice touch.  Quay Coffee is a multi- roaster shop, (featuring different roasters at different times). While I was there they were serving Huckleberry Coffee and I was anxious to try this Colorado Coffee Roaster for the first time.

I ordered a cappuccino and a pour over. Sadly the two baristas were not friendly at all. I did not feel welcomed, but rather just another coffee order. This always makes me sad.

David and I chatted coffee, social media and local coffee. The cappuccino was delicious and the pour over was good, but I have tasted better coffee.

Maybe I came on a bad day, maybe I will return. The place is beautiful and if I were a local, I would sure try them again. The highlight for me was chatting with a fellow coffee enthusiast and the bank vault inside  of Quay Coffee.

Have you ever experienced bad service at a coffee shop? Tell me in the comments below!



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  1. Customer service makes All the difference between A good cup of coffee and A bad cup of coffee!! #traveler. Word of mouth can make or break a business. ☕☕

  2. Service makes all the difference. I have visited many coffee shops and restaurants in general, and to me, service is what sets them apart. If I had a so so latte, or a cappuccino that is a more milk than foam , I would go back to try again, if the service was great. The opppsite is true, if the product is great with bad service. Sorry, I wouldn’t return.

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