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Quills Coffee

It was a hot summer day traveling through the state of Kentucky and I was in need of good espresso and black coffee. Ending my decade of Starbucks fixation, the search for local coffee began here at Quills Coffee, in beautiful downtown Louisville, KY.

I had been surviving on gas station coffee for a few days, due to a road trip we had taken to visit family. In my opinion, gas station coffee shouldn’t even be called “coffee”.  Millions of people consume it daily and then say they don’t like coffee, well no wonder, they have never experienced freshly roasted, local coffee.

Greeted by two friendly baristas, I ordered cappuccino. Having no idea what to expect when ordering this drink I took a chance, ordering a drink that I had heard mentioned a lot when referring to coffee shops. I waited anxiously to try the cappuccino.  Coffee drinks I was a custom to ordering were sugar laden lattes.

Trying new drinks and finding ‘your’ drink is actually the fun part of trying coffee shops!

I tasted the cappuccino for the first time, without sugar and it was a delicious combination of espresso and steamed milk. I was sold, and this became one of many cappuccinos, which now is my usual, go to drink.

This was my first time inside of a local coffee shop. Most every Starbucks has a similar look and this was first time experiencing a coffee shop with its own unique decor style! Little did I know this was the first of experiencing the individualized decor of each local cafe. I also discovered that this coffee shop roasted their own beans here – this was my first time seeing this!

I will not forget my very first visit to a local coffee shop, Quills Coffee in Louisville, KY.- it was the beginning of this Cappuccino Traveler’s journey!


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