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Ridgetop Coffee

A sunny day inspires me to hit the road and find a new local coffee shop! The adventure of exploring a new coffee shop fills my soul with excitement! New people to meet, new coffee to try and a new shop to explore! THIS is what The Cappuccino Traveler lives for!

I found about Ridgetop Coffee via Facebook. They messaged and invited me to come by and check out the newly opened shop. I looked at pictures online and it seemed nice, but I had to visit for myself.

Let me start by saying that this shop is little tricky to find. It is located in an office building complex and my GPS kept telling me I had arrived, but I didn’t see it. Finally I saw yard signs, but there was no sign on the building, so I was still unsure. Thankfully, the doors had the logo and coffee shop name on it, lol. I wanted to include this in my review, so when you go check them out, you won’t have the same experience, lol..

This shop is HUGE! You can’t tell by the outside, but seriously, this place is so big that it has a designated play area for the kids. Don’t be put off by that, the play area is an enclosed glass room, making it easy for moms to sip, and chat while watching their little ones play.

Baristas were friendly and the menu features coffee, tea, a full lunch menu and many healthy baked good options. This is a place you can stay for a while and enjoy lunch. Caffe Amorie is the local roaster featured on the day of my visit with bag to purchase and take with you.

I don’t want you to get the idea that this is a mom’s only coffee shop or has that feel to it, not at all. The place is so large, there are couches, a bar area & tables with puzzles for you to sit and enjoy. Ridgetop Coffee is a place for anyone and everyone and the feel is very welcoming.

After my initial visit, I went back multiple times with friends and family – this a fantastic coffee shop in Northern Virginia! Stop by soon to enjoy this local gem, where there is somethings for everyone! Ridgetop Coffee & Tea


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