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Rooster Moon Coffeehouse ★

It was a date night. Dinner was fantastic, but now I needed a shot of deliciousness and in Hagerstown, Maryland, locally owned cafes are not on every street corner.

Rooster Moon is  located in a older shopping center and was in need of a facelift for sure. The name stumped me and it slipped my mind to ask. I appreciated the fact that it was a former bank and the old bank vault was now a room where you can sit and enjoy your cappuccino in – really cool feature.

It was close to closing time, I ordered my usual and it was okay. The espresso could have had more depth and I believe the skim milk had been sitting at the bottom of the carton all day. We enjoyed the outside patio as darkness descended upon this romantic day.

It was a one time stop for me. Checked off my list, but don’t think I will return unless I’m hard up for some joe.


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