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Roots Cafe

Coffee Con, (a coffee-lovers convention) in Brooklyn, New York was fun and very informative, I am glad I went.  Before leaving the city and heading home, I needed a coffee to make the six hour drive home.

Someone had reached out to me on Instagram, seeing I was in her old neighborhood and recommended that I stop by a favorite local coffee shop of hers, Roots Cafe. Such a sweet gesture and she spoke highly of them, so I made sure to stop.

Roots is located on a busy street in Brooklyn. The place is small, yet deep and the walls are covered in down to earth, unique art. The roaster featured was Forty Weight Coffee and not only had I never tried their coffee, I had not heard of them. I was anxious and very excited to say the least. I have also come to learn that this coffee shop was rated on Eater NY as the one of the most outstanding coffee shops in New York City! See Article Here

The baristas were friendly, I ordered my cappuccino and purchased a bag of beans to go. The cappuccino was delicious and this place must be very popular, because within minutes, there was a line from the counter to the front door! I almost tripped as I left because I was distracted  by all the unique things on the wall! This is another must see, one of a kind neighborhood coffee shop!

This small, unpretentious brick building served up great coffee and definitely left an impression. The warmth left you wanting to return.

I tried the coffee at home and Forty Weight Coffee, (a roaster from up state New York),  was AMAZING…..the flavors were on point and it was very fresh! I’m telling you, once you drink coffee of this caliber, grocery store coffee is simply not an option, lol!

It was a little tricky to find parking, but this shop is an gem of the community and I am so glad I stopped! 


Want to visit? Check out the exact location by clicking here - Directions

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