Savor Coffee Bar
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Savor Coffee Bar


Uncluttered, serene and space is what you will find at this cafe. I walked in and it is an airy, a quiet cafe, which was wonderful. The barista friendly, knowledgeable and after talking with him at length about the origin of the beans they use, techniques and so on, he asked if I myself was a barista. Chuckling, I said, “no”, although I was flattered, I told him that I was afraid it would take the joy of coffee away and that I enjoy coffee as a hobby.


My usual cappuccino was perfect and the booth to enjoy it in was just as nice.Savor 2

I also discovered they offered Chemex coffee and I ordered that too after finishing off my yummy cappuccino in record time. It was rich, smooth and perfectly “chemexed”. I loved how they served it to me on a silver tray too.

Savor 6

Savor 8

THIS was coffee at its best and I have now added a Chemex to my list of must have coffee equipment at home.

As I drove away, I noticed THIS sign and I thought it was brilliant! EVERY coffee-house in America needs one of these signs, for the TRUE coffee lovers. LOL

If you are ever in the Arlington, Texas area, put this cafe on your list to enjoy!

Savor 10

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