SD Bean Bar
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SD Bean Bar

San Diego Bean Bar is a fun, open air shop in the East Village part of San Diego. Located on the corner of a busy street, I strolled in looking for a delicious afternoon cappuccino. 

This shop was fun and fun to look at. Bright turquoise decor accents and a wood patchwork wall, it was a feast for the eyes.

They served 49th Parallel Coffee, out of Vancouver, B.C. which I have actually tasted previously to my visit here. Months prior, my husband traveled to Canada for work and brought home a bag. I loved what I tried at home and had not seen them in the U.S. yet. I was happy to see them featured here.

It was a fantastic cappuccino, but I must say, sitting in an open air coffee shop in 68 degree weather and feeling the breeze from the nearby ocean was the highlight for me. The feel of the shop was relaxing and I could have sat there for hours and enjoyed the perfect California weather!SD Bean Bar

Every coffee shop has an area set up with napkins, to go lids, straws, cream and sugar. Often it can be an eye sore for some coffee shops. Not here at Bean Bar! The designers of this shop put creative thought into every corner of this shop! The creamer area was styled it with large, open, vintage suitcases – super cool! The suitcase is a large part of The Cappuccino Traveler logo, so it specifically caught my eye and I snapped so many pictures, lol. 

As always,  my stops at San Diego coffee shops is always too short. I would relocate there in a heartbeat just to be surrounded by unforgettable local coffee community!


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