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Seattle Coffee Crawl Event

It was our 10 year wedding anniversary and as a coffee enthusiast, I KNEW I had to visit the amazing coffee city of Seattle, WA. I was pleased to learn that for fellow coffee nuts like myself, the city offered a “Coffee Crawl“. This is a guided tour on the city’s oldest and most unique coffee shops.

We started at Ghost Alley Espresso and the story behind it was very fascinating. This story I will not reveal as to not spoil it for you when you decide to go on the coffee crawl yourself.  Afterwards we ventured onto Trabant Coffee & Chai, Caffe Darte, Fonte Coffee Roasters, Seattle Coffee Works, Cherry Street Coffee and my favorite, Caffe Umbria. The place was beautiful, the espresso and cappuccino some of the best I have ever tasted!

Each place was simply amazing, featuring their best roasts, coffee specialty drinks and baristas. The crawl was worth every penny and I would go on another in a minute. This event was able to show off the coffee heartbeat of Seattle and i felt honored walking through the door of each establishment as they showcased their coffee with great pride. Coffee is not just a beverage there, it is a way of life and a culture all to itself. Starbucks who?

I cant wait to return again to this city of coffee and experience it further!



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  1. I love Seattle! I’ll have to try some of these places next time we’re there. ☕️

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