Slipstream Coffee ★★★★★

It was my birthday and I knew I wanted to spend most of my day visiting new coffee shops in Washington D.C.. I spotted  Slipstream on my Instagram feed weeks prior and bookmarked it on my phone.

There are two locations and I chose to visit the one by the Navy Yard. It is in the corner of a larger building with large glass windows. A stunning spot for sure, within seconds I was captivated, this was no ordinary coffee shop.

Slipstreams mission is…….

We aim to elevate coffee and cocktails from seemingly common to extraordinary through engaging service, a comfortable atmosphere and a relentless focus on quality. Tastes are personal and we strive to help you explore your palate and define your own perfect cup.  -Slipstream website

I settled in and ordered some lunch along with a flight of pour over coffee, also a cortado. The staff was very warm and looking around, I could feel the owner’s intentions was to meet the needs of anyone. There were booths, long tables, high tops and a bar – any kind of seating for any occasion. This is a well thought out shop, every detail. Slipstream was a cut above the average shop for sure!

I ordered some soup and a salad. I enjoyed them greatly, very fresh and packed with flavor!  Slipstream features and rotates different coffee roasters. That day Madcap and April coffee, (a coffee from Denmark) were on the menu. There are no words. Seriously, the coffee was the best of the day and left me longing for more.

As we left, I was sad. Slipstream is such an amazing coffee shop! It left such an impression on me that upon returning home, I was already thinking on how soon I could get back! It was just a week later that I returned with friends to experience Slipstream all over again. 

Slipstream is a gem in Washington D.C.. Memorable, beautiful, fresh food and coffee that you will not soon forget! It is these experiences like these that keep me grateful that I left big coffee companies behind to encounter places like Slipstream! Going to the Washington D.C. area? Check this place out anytime of day!



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